‘Wonderful God’ By Chi-Don featuring Abi Walker

Born Oye-Eze Chidiebere with showbiz name Chi-Don, is a Nigerian born who grew up in the city of Tema-Ghana and is bringing a new kind of music called Godspop, which he claims will be the biggest in the music industry.Β IMG_4033This genre of music preaches the truth of God not of religion and cannot be called only Christian records in the normal sense as it will be thought of as Christian gospel because it goes beyond that. It’s not gospel music in itself but seeks to unite and bring all religions to the knowledge of the one-God we all serve whom all power belongs to.Β IMG_4081“Godspop is something that I’m bringing together, a new thing that I’m bringing to the entire world. I’m bringing this trend of music to bring hope to the hopeless. I’ve slept on the streets for years and help came not only from those that I share the same faith with but across board. In five years this brand will be household worldwide”, “We at Godspop believe this is the breath of fresh air that has long been waited for”, he added.Β IMG_4160Noted for his constant statement “It doesn’t matter your religion, it doesn’t matter where you come from, it doesn’t matter the church u attend. All that matters is that we are all one people and we worship God the most high…”,WhatsApp Image 2018-07-01 at 13.27.11His new single featuring Abidede Walker – Wonderful God (Prod. By Mix Masta Garzy) is expected to start the journey of the new movement; #Godspop. Click to download the song..Β 

Follow Chi-Don on Social Media: @GodsPopMusic

Instagram.com @godspopmusic

Facebook.com @Godspopmusic

Twitter.com @GodsPopMusic

Watch Wonderful God Music Video Below…



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